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How to order

1. Log in to your Benvenuti account

You can just ad the favourite products in your cart and start shopping.


If you don’t have a Benvenuti account you can just ad the products that you want to buy in your shopping cart and when you go to the check out you can create an account by introducing all the required data and setting a password.  Afterwards you will get an email confirmation for your new account and can always log in easily so that you will no longer need to introduce all the data. 


*Having a Benvenuti account makes shopping even faster.  You will have the address and and contact details already set for any new order. 


2. Shopping cart

When you ad a product in your shopping cart and you want to keep shopping you can just press the “Keep on shopping” button.  But remember! Adding products in your cart does not mean reserving them.

After you complete your order you will get a conformation email with all the order details. The launched order means agreeing to all the terms and conditions set by the seller. 

If you have any issues regarding the order you can always write an email to [email protected]  


3. Wish List

 You can ad in the wish list the products you like or you’re interested in once you are logged into your account.  We will keep you informed about this products and send you an email if they’re on sale or are going to be sold out. 


4. Delivery and payment

All deliveries are operated through express shipping by DHL. The cost of the shipping is now on us, check the countries list* for availability, and you will be receiving your pack in less than 48 hours. Enjoy the free shipping!

The payment can only be done by credit/debit card (Visa/ Maestro/ MasterCard). Once you click the “Pay” button you will be redirected to the payments platform 


5. Receiving the goods

After the order is placed you will get a confirmation email that will include the tracking number of the carrier.  The estimated delivery time is 24-48 hours after the day the order is placed. During high season or sale campaigns the delivery time can be a little longer, it can take up 2-5 working days. 


6. Canceling the order

According to the legal grounds you can always give up on oder within 14 days since receiving the goods without any additional reason.  The shipping and returns costs will be deducted when you will be refunded. 


7. Protection of personal data

According to the law no. 677/2001 regarding the personal data protection and its subsequent additions (18015); Benvenuti will administrate and safely use the data only for the agreed marketing purpose. 

Your personal data will only be used for commercial activities that require it, protected by the law no. 677/2001. Introducing your personal data means giving your consent for Benvenuti and its partners to use it. 


8. Commercial Warranty

Benvenuti SRL assures the warranty for all the products sold on its website according to the law 449/2003 regarding the sell and assure warranty for products. The damaged goods will be sent back to Benvenuti SRL and analysed by our specialists. During the 15 days period your case will be solved either by repairing or replacing the damaged product(s) or by fully refunding you.  


*The free delivery over 50 Euros is available in:
Czech Republic  
United States of America 
United Kingdom