Terms & conditions



1.  Defining Features

 General terms and conditions will apply at all sales of goods by BENVENUTI S.R.L through the online store www.benvenuti.com to  the Buyer and may be amended only with the consent of Benvenuti.

Using this site, means acceptance of terms and conditions presented below. For using the website in the best manner, it is recommended to read carefully all the terms and conditions. 

The site represents the property belonging to Benvenuti S.R.L which is located at the web address www.benvenuti.com, through which all the users have access to information and products offered by Benvenuti S.R.L.

The Buyer is a person, or a company or other legal entity that places an Order and who accepted the TERMS and CONDITIONS of this SITE.

The Seller, a Company, Benvenuti S.R.L. having the social headquartered in street Anghel Saligny, no 9, Oradea, Bihor, Romania, zip 410085, our registered company number is J05/2211/2004 and our VAT number is RO 15640024. 

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Products - any item including documents mentioned in the order, to be provided by the seller to the buyer.

Order - an electronic document which is a as a form of communication between Buyer and Seller, whereby the seller agrees to deliver the goods and the buyer agrees to receive these goods and make the payment for them.

Contract – a confirmation sent by the seller to the buyer regarding the order

Specifications - all the information and/or descriptions of the goods as they are specified in the order.

Intellectual property rights (in the following IPR) - all immaterial rights such know-how, copyrights and rights in the copyright, database rights, design rights, model rights, patents, trademarks and registrations of domain names for all of the above.

2. Contractual Documents

  By launching an electronic order on the site previously mentioned, the Buyer agrees with the form of communication (telephone or e-mail) whereby the Seller conducts the operations. The order will be composed of the following documents, in order of their importance:

The order (along with the delivery and billing data) and its specific conditions, the Buyer's Specifications (where necessary). 

 If the Seller confirms the order, this will involve a full acceptance of the terms of the Order. Acceptance of the order by the Seller shall be considered completed when there is an electronic confirmation (email) on behalf of the Seller to the Buyer, without requiring an acknowledgement on its part.

General terms and conditions of the sale will form the basis of the contract thus concluded, in addition to this, being the Certificate of Guarantee issued by the Seller or its Supplier.

3. Billing - Payment and Delivery

Payment methods:

  1. Ipay: Operated by Transilvania Bank, this payment platform allows customers to make online payments with credit/debit cards without any commissions. Transilvania Bank is one of the largest banks in Romania and is considered one of the most reliable financial institutions in Europe. Find out more about Banca Transilvania here.
  2. PayPal: Benvenuti also provides PayPal, a highly popular online payment method, to facilitate the purchasing process for our customers. Secure payments have always been appreciated by both our customers and sellers, as we are a community coexisting together.

Price, method of payment and time of payment are specified in the Order. The Seller will issue to the Buyer an invoice for the goods delivered; the Buyer's obligation is to provide all the necessary information according to the current law.

Delivery - the seller undertakes the obligation to send the Goods and Services in the system of express carrier door to door to the Buyer.

Shipping - the Seller takes no risks and responsibilities associated with the Goods at the time of their delivery towards the internal carrier which the Seller collaborates with.

Packing - The Seller will ensure proper packaging of Goods and will secure the convey of documents.

All Goods will be delivered from our Romanian Warehouse. 

4. Disclaimer of Liability

 The images of the products on our website are for presentation, the products delivered may differ from the images due to the fact that every monitor is different and won’t be 100% accurate in showing the real colours of the product. 

Benvenuti S.R.L. reserves the right to add and alter any information on the SITE.

Benvenuti S.R.L. is not responsible for any damages as a result of a website breakdown.

The maximum value of the responsibility of the Company to any buyer or improper delivery or failed delivery is the same amount cashed by the company from the that buyer.

5. Warranties and Availability of Products 

The products purchased on the website www.benvenuti.com benefit from a standard warranty according to the current law. 

Benvenuti S.R.L. ensures warranty for all products sold, according to the dispositions of law 449/2003 concerning the sale of goods and associated warranties (with its further additions) and based on the information of the warranty of the products described in the individual certificate of warranty. Products damaged during the period of warranty will be returned to the company BENVENUTI S.R.L. Anghel Saligny, no 9, Oradea, Bihor, Romania, zip code 410085.

Troubleshoot of the products will be done within 15 days since the date of arrival of that product. The warranty is validated with the warranty certificate and invoice from the package.

Lack of product warranty certificate must be announced within 48 hours after receiving the goods to the following address [email protected]. Any subsequent complaint will not be taken into consideration.

Benvenuti S.R.L.  does not guarantee the stock availability of the products displayed in the following cases: the initial stock put at disposal was sold out or is noticed that the ordered product present a flaw, reasons that give the seller the right not to ship partially or complete the order; the seller undertakes to notify the buyer about the order issues that occurred.

If prices or other details of the products were erroneously displayed, including due to the fact that they were placed incorrectly in the database, Benvenuti S.R.L. has the right to cancel the delivery of the product and notify the buyer in the shortest time about the error that occurred, if the delivery has not been made yet.

6. Fraud

Any attempt to access personal data of another user, or modify the content of the site www.benvenuti.com, or to affect the performance of the server that runs the web site www.benveuti.ro will be considered a fraud attempt of the website www.benvenuti.com and will result in a criminal investigation the ones or the one who is responsible for that.

7. Copyright 

The entire content of the site www.benvenuti.com, including images, texts, buttons, programs, scripts and any other data, is owned by Benvenuti S.R.L and it is protected According to Copyright Law and the laws concerning intellectual and industrial property. The using without the written aproval of Benvenuti S.R.L. of any items listed above shall be punished according to the current law.

For reporting problems related to intellectual property rights, please contact us by writing to the email address: [email protected].


8. Disputes

 Any dispute between the buyers and the company will be solved through mutual agreement. If this attempt is not successful in solving the conflict, we will advance to the court in the immediate vicinity of Benvenuti S.R.L. headquarters. 


9. Major Force

Neither part shall be liable for failure to perform its contractual obligations, if such failure is due to an event of force majeure. Major force is an unpredictable event, outside the control of the parts and that cannot be avoided.

10. Personal Data

Users’ personal data are strictly confidential and will only be used for commercial and marketing purpose by Benvenuti and its partners. Any specific data regarding the situation and conditions of products can be received by contacting us online, at the address provided on the site.

On the website www.benvenuti.com, the users are responsible for all activities that occur through their accounts and passwords. The seller Benvenuti S.R.L. cannot be held responsible for any errors which have occurred as a result of negligence of the security and privacy of user's account and password.

The processing of personal data is done in accordance with the law. 677/2001 regarding the protection of individuals personal data, processing such data and free circulation of data. 

11. Security of the Data and Information

Personal data introduced by the customer will be used by the seller only in the mentioned purposes. The information from the order form is required to send you confirmations of placed orders, delivery info and newsletters (for those who want to keep informed), either way it shall not be offered to any third parties. 

The seller ensures the confidentiality of information. This data does not exist physically on the servers that run the site www.benvenuti.com, the data being accessible only by authorized staff of the company through the internal network. Each user is only allowed to see its personal data that he has introduced.

www.benvenuti.com site uses security measures against loss, alteration or misuse of information that is under the direct control of the company. In case of loss of information caused by bugs or errors of the software with which www.benvenuti.com site is designed and hosted; the seller does not take any responsibility.

12. Returning faulty Products

The consumer may request the return of products in the following cases: the product does not comply with the specifications on the site. If the ordered product proves not to be in conformity with the specifications from our website, the consumer may request its return for replacement or complete refund of its value. If you agree to replace it with a product of greater value, you pay the difference, or if the value is lower, you will receive a partial refund, up to the replacement product. All shipping costs will be beared by Benvenuti SRL if the product is damaged or faulty. 

The products that have been faulty delivered; other products that have been mistaken must be notified immediately, and the Consumer will refuse receiving them. The consumer can request its return for replacement, and if the product is no longer in stock, can choose for replacement or full refund. If you agree with the replacement with a product of greater value, you will pay the difference, or if the value is lower, you will receive a partial refund, up to the replacement product. The costs of return shipping and product replacement, in this particular case, shall be beard by Benvenuti S.R.L. According to the current legal provisions, "the consumer is entitled to notify the seller in writing as he cancels the order, without penalty or without any reason, within 10 working days since receiving of goods.

The Products which do not satisfy your requirements, will be sent back to the company BENVENUTI SRL, Anghel Saligny,no 9, Oradea, Bihor, zip code 410085, at your own expense, along with the completed return form. We are not able to take cash on delivery parcels. Products will be shipped in their original condition, without being damaged or used.

Please return the products in their original boxes, packaged adequately with protective materials (paper, cardboard, foils, bag...) to avoid damaging them. The return of products which boxes are not properly protected will be refused.

Please inform us if you made a return. The amount will be refunded within 14 days since receiving the goods back. 

Please respect the provided return deadline. The equivalent will be refunded in your bank account linked to the card used for placing the order. 

We kindly ask you to keep proof of sending the return to us until the evaluation of the products or the refund is done. 

If you want to return a product you must do it through a carrier company available on our site. Carrier fee will be refunded, only under the following conditions: If the product received is damaged, it has a defect or is not the product ordered by you. In the unlikely event that the product does not meet your expectations, or the size is not corresponding, the amount will not be refunded.

13. Canceling the Purchase 

 The consumer is entitled to notify the seller in writing that he cancels the purchase, without any penalty and without calling any reason, within 10 working days since receiving the goods.

Refund of money without any penalty and without calling any reason can be made under the following conditions: If the products have a seal, it is not allowed to be opened; the product must be returned sealed; the condition of the purchased goods must be the same as received. 

These provisions apply according to G.O. 130/2000, in the case of purchasing products from this site using remote communication techniques. The buyer has the right to return only once a product date is in accordance with the second subparagraph of article 4 paragraph 1 (a) (b)) of G.O. 130/2000.

In return cases products as a result of a purchase, the cost of return is beard by the buyer. Quitting repeatedly the purchases could be considered abuse. We also reserve the right to refuse the return in case of abuses (repeated returns).

Note: In any situation of return, the goods must be in the same condition, in original box, with the original labels in their place and put along with all the documents which came with it (invoice, warranty certificates...). At the moment of making an online order on the website, the buyer declares that he acknowledges and fully agrees with everything mentioned above. Acceptance of these terms and conditions gives birth to a genuine contract between parties, making applicable the provisions of the Civil and Commercial Law.

These terms and conditions will apply to purchases made in the online Benvenuti store.